Write to Me!

Look at that snazzy mailbox!
I have and will always love snail mail, so consider sending me a letter. If you do I promise to send you one back with a fancy seal on it! (Whether or not it gets to you is another matter.) My address can be found below. Can’t remember how to write by hand? Then shoot me an email at scstine@gmail.com.

Note, if you are ever so kind as to send me a package of goodies and love, then please use a padded envelope (These are less likely to be lost, opened, or taxed than other types of packages). Also, consider writing blessings on the outside like “Dios me protege” or “Dios te bendiga.”

Susan Stine, PCV
Cuerpo de Paz

Av Bolivar 451, Gazcue

Apartado Postal 1412

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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